Why the Best Custom Writing Service Review is Your Need

Probably you want to get an essay written online. You searched the keywords. So many websites show up, each one claiming to be the top writing service. Whichever you browse, it looks good and convincing. You’re not sure what to do and which one to trust and eventually place the order on. You’re not alone in this confusion. Thousands of users face the same challenge every day. And they are not to be blamed. The choices are simply so many. The Internet is literally flooded with online essay writing services, some good, some bad; but you can’t really tell the good from the bad ones.

So what if you make a shot in the air with a closed eye? Well, chances are you can be lucky! If so, the company will be good; you will get your work fully complying to the instructions and within the deadline. But, there are also chances for you being unlucky. If that happens, losses might be too big.

To begin with, you will lose your time and money. You might be waiting to get the work delivered to you by the deadline, but it might never be delivered or delivered too late for it to be useful for you. Worse yet, the paper might be plagiarized. It might mention information from other sources without proper citation. There can be formatting and stylistic issues as well. The list goes on. So if you happen to be unfortunate, chances for which are just as many as otherwise, if not more, your time will be wasted, your money will be burnt, and you will have to go through a tough time dealing with the company’s staff, trying to get your money back.

These days, scam websites have taken the online world by storm. Companies have gained the awareness that students need help with academic work. As a result, online essay writing websites have grown everywhere like mushrooms over the past few years. Each one of them claims to have been in the industry for years, even if it opened just yesterday! The claims of having 100+ writers highly qualified in physics, chemistry, law, mathematics, biology, and engineering are rampant and widespread. They sound very nice and professional up until you have placed the order. Once done with that, you risk not being recognized even. You would want to talk to the staff, but they would not be half as efficient and polite in their dealing as you found them before placing the order. You would want your money back, but this would not happen. If you are too lucky, you might get some coins back; yes, that’s true!

So it is an established fact, that you need help choosing the right company for academic assistance! The benefits of getting the essay written from the right service are simply too many. You will get original work delivered to you within the deadline. This means not only you will be able to get a good grade, but you will also be able to do more work in lesser time. And this is where you need our help. We, at masterpapers.com, have been trying and testing all these websites for years, and have documented our reviews discussing our experiences with them. Why to go through the same exercise when you can learn from others’ experiences? So if you want a review, all you need to do is read the one written by us on our website, or let us know what project you want help with. We will direct you to the most suitable website for you.

Why Our Essay Writing Service Review 2019 Is Reliable

The sole motivation behind this has been to help out the young generation and protect innocent users from wasting their time and money on scam websites. We understand the importance of getting academic assistance online. These days, college, as well as school teachers, tend to overload learners with assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, and exams. Education has become so expensive that learners often have to work alongside pursuing their education to be able to pay the fee. Then there are family commitments, health conditions, and a myriad of other personal tasks and businesses that require time. It’s all so much to do simultaneously that learners often end up helpless, and need online academic assistance to be able to keep going. Many times, the concepts have not been explained by the teacher well enough. After all, teachers also are constantly dealing with the challenge of covering a comprehensive course in a very limited time, and cannot give each lesson or topic the time it requires to be made clear to each student. In such cases, learners genuinely need help.

Our reviews are reliable because we have gone through a long process to be in the position of writing them. As a naïve user of the Internet, the first option that comes to mind while faced with the challenge of selecting the company is to read the reviews of past customers. Probably you are also thinking to do the same. You believe that previous customers would have shared how they found the writing service for students in the reviews. So if you don’t like the reviews on the website, you would drop that and move on to the next. Good approach; but let us inform you that these companies are very smart. They always had an idea you would be looking at their reviews, so they already visited them before you. No matter what their past customers share, the administrators of these websites regularly read the reviews and comments left by users, and change and modify any review or comment that they do not like. Changing it from an unfavorable to an admiring review or comment is a matter of a few seconds for these people. So in your attempt to judge the quality of their services from their reviews, you will end up fooling yourself.

So what’s the alternative for you? A service that generates real and genuine reviews that truly capture the experience of the writer with the company. That’s exactly what we do. Our team has been involved in the process of checking online essay writing services for years. Here we share with you how we, today, are in the position of writing the reviews. Our members do this exercise regularly. It’s a step by step process at the end of which we write the review.

The process of Masterpapers paper writing review begins with finalizing the website to review. New companies keep emerging on a regular basis. Our team works diligently to learn about new websites entering the market every day. The process starts with placing the order. We select the website that shows up among the top search results. Our team members prepare the instructions for the essay and place the order. We monitor the entire process and document our observations and experience right from the point of placing the order up until we get the work delivered. Here are some of the criteria with respect to which we check the quality of service:

  • Whether the company was able to provide the assignment within the deadline
  • Either we were charged the same amount that appeared to be there at the start, or there were hidden charges involved.
  • Whether the company was able to grant the guarantees, it stated at the outset
  • Whether we were able to get the revision done according to the revision instructions, within the new deadline and free of charge
  • Did the company maintain our confidentiality of information?
  • Whether we were able to process all payment safely and securely
  • Whether the paper delivered complies to the question or instructions written in the start
  • Whether the required number of sources are there
  • The paper has been formatted in the style we needed, or there are errors in it
  • The language is appropriate with respect to vocabulary, grammar, sentence construction, and diction or there are errors in it
  • What’s our overall experience with the website; positive or negative?

All these points help us decide whether we liked ordering the paper from the website or not. So our reviews are reliable because they are genuine, and come from our own experience with the respective websites they are about. We have no impetus to lie to young users. It has cost us a lot of time and money to be in this position of sharing our experiences. We have invested all this in helping out young learners.

Our Criteria for Evaluation of an Online Writing Website

Online writing websites are simply too many, and each claims to be better than the other. Surely, their claims cannot be trusted without testing. So here are a set of criteria we use to evaluate the quality of service and potential of a website:

  • When we visit the site, do we find a user-friendly interface?
  • What is the quality of writing in the sample essays?
  • The professionalism of the Live Support agents and other correspondents of the company
  • Rates of the company
  • Quality of content written on the website
  • The range of fields in which the company specializes and can deliver work in
  • The years of experience in the industry
  • What is said about the company in the real review found in discussion forums and online threads?
  • The guarantees given by the company to its customers
  • The security of payment channels
  • The range of paper types the company can write

On our website, you will find a list of top online writing companies. A company cannot make it to that list if it does not rank well enough with respect to all these criteria. Typically, a company is considered good if the quality of writing in its sample essays is exceptional. We check the writing quality from a range of standpoints, including the correctness of grammar, the choice of words, the uniqueness of ideas, the relevance of ideas to the topic, and sentence construction. The way Live Support agents and company correspondents deal with us on live chat or over the phone says a lot about the professionalism of the environment of the organization. Good companies keep polite staff and specially train them on ways to satisfy the customers and address their queries. Even in difficult situations when customers become argumentative, professional staff maintains its politeness and does everything to bring a solution to the problem. Rates of good companies are not the lowest, but they aren’t too high either. They fall in the mid-range and are competitive. You can find detailed information about rates in Masterpapers prices review.

Good companies’ websites have all original content. If you visit their site, you will find that the content is not copied from anywhere else. It takes some years of working in the industry to develop the level of expertise that can satisfy the customers. 5 years is a reasonable period of experience. Good companies guarantee the delivery of plagiarism free papers, timely delivery, maintenance of customers’ confidentiality, and 24/7 live support. They only deal with safe and secure payment options like PayPal or Visa. Also, good companies can write all kinds of papers ranging from high school essays to Ph.D. dissertations and theses. These are all characteristic features of good companies in our top writers’ list.

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