Most students are unaware of the tricks and scams companies use to convince customers to order from them. In order to detect if a company is good or not, you need to know exactly where and how to look. Having the experience we have with writing services, we have created an excellent strategy for determining if a company is legit or not.

If you have tried to find a service and already failed a couple of time, you probably know that most companies have one excellent feature, and several terrible ones. The perfect writing service should possess all the qualities of a content provider, starting from affordable rates to excellent customer service. Without even one of the necessary features, a company is a bad choice for your academic papers.

In order to ensure that the service you choose is worth your money, we take our time and perform a very detailed evaluation of every feature a company offers. To make sure that our evaluation of the website is good and the customers’ reviews online are not fake, we order from the evaluated company and see what they actually offer.

You will find that every review on this website is created based on the same methodology. This proves that our intentions are pure, and our only goal is to help you learn everything about a writing service.

Our Methodology

All reviews on the website have the following information:

Range of writing services

For a company to be a solid choice of a content provider, it has to offer a variety of writing, editing, proofreading and formatting services. As a student, you will probably need assistance on several occasions during your education, if not often. Knowing this, you need a provider that can do everything for you, whenever you need it.

Imagine this – you finally found a good, affordable company that provides you with nice essays. However, you are now assigned a research paper, and the writers here do not know how to write one. If you fail to find a company that offers a good range of writing services, you basically end up having to look for a new one all over again.

Pricing, discounts and payment policy

There is rarely a student who can spend a fortune on a single paper, but there are still companies who don’t take this into consideration. Some students even decide to spend their entire savings on a pricey company, believing that high prices mean high quality content. This is not always the case.

What you should be looking for in a writing service is a realistic rate that would fit your budget and is enough to pay a quality writer. Companies that are two cheap cannot afford to hire great writers, which is why most such companies turn out to be a bad choice.

As for discounts, you will learn that most of the companies online offer some kinds of discounts to their customers. There are generally three types of discounts: first-time discount, bulk discount, and loyalty program discount. A company may lack some of these discounts, but the truth is, it all comes down to how great their discounts are and how affordable is the final quote for your paper.

Quality evaluation

One of the essential qualities of a company is the quality of content. In order to determine this for you, we check online feedback. But, this is not all we do. To ensure that the feedback is real (many companies produce fake testimonials to trick you into believing they are a good choice), we personally order a paper from the company and inform you of the results.

Customer support

Without a good customer support, a company cannot provide strong guarantees. The customer support of a good service is always available and easy to reach, and consists of agents who are professional and informed on the policies of the service.