An Expert Papernow Review 2019

Is there a papernow scam? This must be one of the many important questions that run through any person intending to procure services from them. This text is a review for papernow. Here we will analyze all the important features of this service and determine whether they are the real deal. We aim to answer the main question: is paper now reliable?

The Essentials about Papernow Writing Service

The first question we need to address is: what is papers now? This is an online writing company that helps students with their academic tasks for a fee. There are different reasons that make students sometimes have to seek assistance with their academic tasks.

For example reasons such as lack of time, lack of knowledge, failure to understand assignments, having close deadlines and even students struggling with language and writing can acquire assistance for them. Since online sources are the most convenient sources, students have to find professional services that will help them deal with their papers. Papernow is such a service. However, in some cases, some of the websites online cannot be trusted and only seek to scam students out of their money and fail to deliver the required services. This is where reviews are important. Having information about a service before deciding to entrust them with your academic task is crucial in ensuring you get what you need. So, is papernow legit? The answer to this greatly depends on the meaning of the word legit. They provide quality services to students, and therefore they are legit. Is there a papernow fraud? No, they are not. They are a genuine company that is aimed at providing papers to students who need them at a fee.

How is paper now rating among other services? Paper now ranks among the top in this business. They are based in the US and help students all over the world with their papers. This service has been in the market for about five years now. They have grown over these years, and they have expanded to the extent of completing at least 150 orders daily. During this time they have also gathered a worthy team of writers that deal with the papers. Their writers are natives of the US and the UK, and therefore they have a good language which they put into writing when they fulfill orders. Is papers now trustworthy? Yes, they are. This service values their customers, and therefore they take different steps to ensure that customers are protected such as having refund policies and also allowing revisions for their papers. Papernow deals with different types of papers such as essay, research paper, term paper, dissertations, assignments, coursework, book reviews, and reports.

Paper now is it reliable? This service comes with various features that make it very efficient for students. One of these features is the fact that they deliver on time. Does papernow work with tight deadlines? When dealing with papers, their writers ensure that the client deadlines are met without fail or excuse. This means you can trust them with urgent papers that have deadlines. Their writers take 3-6 hours to write essays, 24 – 48 hours for research papers and dissertations will only take them 5-7 days. They also try to provide simplicity in all the steps of their service. We analyze aspects such as their design, their guarantees, their order process and also the safety they offer clients to help determine whether they are a worthy choice.

A Review of the Company’s Website Design

Papernow has one of the most inviting website designs for writing services according to different papernow reviews. They have employed some simplicity that ensures that clients can find whatever they need before deciding to place their orders. The design employed also allows for easy navigation for potential clients. When you first visit their website, from the top, you will see that they have placed their contact information so that anyone who wants to reach them does not have to struggle. Next, to their contacts, they have other buttons that take clients to some important pages. First is the order button that directly takes you to their order form, next they have the guide for clients named “ How we work” which shows how the service works for first time users. They also have a why section up there that aims to show clients why they are the right choice.

This site has made sure that the visibility of every section will make sure that customers in a hurry will be able to navigate fast and easily to the pages they need.

One of the most noticeable sections of their site is the cost calculator which is also in the top half of the page. They have provided this so that clients can calculate the price of their papers and thus be prepared when placing the order.

In their website, they have also shown the common papers that they deal with and the main paper now services students enjoy. Furthermore, they have also gone ahead to show their recent completed orders whereby they indicate the writer who completed them and their satisfaction rate.

When scrolling further down, you will come across a group of papernow testimonials from some of their previous clients which is very commendable of them. Their live support button is also easily visible and moves while you scroll so that clients do not need to look for it.

The Various Services Offered by the Company

Paper now, like many other writing services are well known for assisting with writing papers. However, this is not all they do. Other papers now legit services include:

  • Formatting papers. Sometimes students need help with the formats of different papers for example dissertations. This service offers this type of help.
  • For clients who feel that they are not confident with their papers, they can always have the professionals from papernow to go through them identifying mistakes that the students might have missed.
  • Editing service. This is whereby clients provide completed work to get it improved significantly. Editing ensures that the papers are free of errors and also making changes to improve the overall quality of papers.
  • Power-point Presentations- Students who have to present their work in the form of slides to a crowd are also taken into consideration and will acquire help with the slides
  • Calculations for Mathematical courses. Solving calculations can be challenging and therefore students have trouble solving them can acquire assistance from this service.
  • Design and programming assignments. For students undertaking more technical programming courses.
  • Lab report writing. Providing results interpreting and presenting them in tables or other figures.

How to Order for Services at Papernow

Here is our paper now review on their order process. This service has a very elaborate process for acquiring their services. First, the client has to go to their website and click on the order button.

From here they will be taken to the order page. The order page contains a form that they need to fill out about the details of their papers. When placing an order from them, the next step is for the client to fill out this form with correct details. They have made sure that this form is as detailed as possible to ensure that clients are as specific as possible. The first thing the client will have to fill out is the type of work they need to be done. They then have to indicate the topic of the paper they need and the subject it is for. Furthermore, there is a section that allows students to indicate the level of education the paper is for.

Then the client indicates the timeframe within which they need the work completed. Next to this is a slot whereby clients are supposed to drop any attached files that have more information about the work. As you can see, they want to ensure that they provide what a customer wants to the detail. With this service, clients are allowed to select their preferred writers by putting down the writer ID in a slot they have provided. This gives a choice to students on the possible 1100 writers to choose whom they want for their paper. After filling out the form, the total price is indicated according to which the client makes the payment. After making payments, the writer is assigned your order, and the order placement is complete. They do not put clients through any sign-ups; all you have to do is leave your email and contacts for the sake of notifications.

An Assessment of the Company’s Writers

Paper now writers are first and foremost natives. They confirm this fact when choosing them. Their writer selection process is very strict as many paper now reviews from other sources will confirm. First, they receive all the CV documents from the candidates and take them for review. The review is very thorough and analyses factors such as a person’s background, their educational level, their skills and hobbies and even values that they uphold. Less than 70% make it past this stage. These writers are then subjected to a proficiency test whereby they are tested in their various fields to reveal the depth of their knowledge and their ability to display it in writing. The few who make it through this stage undergo another test whereby there are tested with time to see how they can handle pressure situations. After here the numbers that survive is usually less than 10%. They are taken for training in writing for two weeks whereby on completion they will join the writing team. Their writers are based on all subjects in college. Over 100 of these writers also have advanced degrees in their fields, and so they are capable of dealing with complex papers.

Papernow’s Policy for Making Corrections on Completed Papers

One of the attributes that make papers now reliable is the fact that they are flexible with their policies on completed work. Sometimes students are stuck in difficult situations when their instructors decide to change instructions after students have already submitted their work. This means that these students will have to go back and seek out the writers who wrote the papers to make the changes. Some of the writing services do not allow change of instructions, and this will mean that these students will have to make the changes themselves. Paper now understands this situation, and they willingly accept to make the necessary developments.

The Strict Plagiarism Policy to Ensure Authentic Papers

A look at multiple papers now reviews reveals that they have a very good policy against plagiarism, which they make efforts to uphold. They promise completely plagiarism free essays. Plagiarism is very risky for college and higher level students. It can damage a student’s reputation if their articles match positive for traces of plagiarism. Therefore it is no surprise that students will have to seek a service that will deliver unique papers. With Paper now you can get exactly that. First, all articles are written from scratch by the writers and follow the specific instructions provided by clients. This means that clients cannot get papers previously written for other people. Second, after each paper is completed, a plagiarism check is conducted using Copyscape to ascertain complete uniqueness. Copyscape scans the paper and compares its content to the whole of the internet. Any traces are highlighted, and the editors are alerted. Clients are also free to ask for plagiarism reports for their papers as part of the services that Papernow offers. Papers that have traces of plagiarism are returned to writers for correction before delivering them to clients.

Nature of the Papernow’s Client Service and Communication

Papernow customer service is arguably one of the most accomplished. Multiple reviews on paper now indicate that customer support is very professional.

First, they have a 24-hour support team that ensures that clients can contact them at any moment and find assistance. Unlike some of the other services, their live chat is usually with a real individual and not some programmed responses that some of these services use.

Papers now support team is well developed such that a client who communicates with them at different times of the day will realize that they are rotated when dealing with customers. This is encouraging since it means that if one has an issue with one service official, another one can step in and take over.

Their customer support officials are well trained are generally very calm and patient when dealing with clients. They maintain their cool even when dealing with difficult clients. These people understand that there are times students have a lot of pressure and stress from their schoolwork. This might make a student project their frustrations on them. Their support officials genuinely listen to clients and produce timely and reasonable solutions to client issues.

An Evaluation of the Testimonies from Customers

The main function of testimonials is to provide insight from the previous customer to the potential ones on whether the service they intend to use can be trusted with their service. Paper now has real-time testimonials in their websites that are updated according to order completion. Their testimonials have much positive feedback from previous clients. Since clients are free to write about any of their experiences about the service. Most of these people have good things to say about Paper Now.

Furthermore, they put the negative as well as the positive testimonials on their website. Some services only select the positive testimonials and display them as a way of boosting their customer conversion rates which is simply wrong. Papers now writing service testimonials are also frequently updated as new clients are served every daily. These days exposing fraud and scamming websites is easy by the use of reviews and also client testimonials. Since some of the websites do not allow comments on their pages, clients can turn to review websites to expose fraudulent activities. Papers now reviews from these sites do not report any instances of fraud which means that they are genuine in what they do.

Papernow Confidentiality Measures

Paper Now service promises full confidentiality to their clients. This is an essential guarantee for students. Students have compelling reasons for choosing to seek assistance with their papers. This type of help is highly frowned upon by their colleges and instructors. A student can even be penalized for cheating if there is clear evidence that the work they delivered is not theirs. This means that students have to be very careful with the services they trust with their papers.

Paper Now does not store any of their client’s personal data. Furthermore, they ensure that clients information such as their emails, names and also the billing information remains confidential and out of reach of any unwanted parties. Furthermore, even writers are not allowed to access this information, and they do not know the identities of their clients. Paper Now goes further to regulate any communication that customers have with the writers. They urge customers to refrain from sharing any personal data to the writers through the chat board for their confidentiality. Even though there has not been a reported case of a writing service disclosing a student’s activities to the university, one has to be careful. Paper Now service ensures that no chances are taken when it comes to confidentiality.

Prices and Affordability of Services at Papernow

When it comes to pricing, the first thing we are to look at in this paper now prices review is the cost calculator. Papernow allows clients to calculate the cost of their papers by providing a cost calculator on their website. This tool requires a client to enter some details about their order and then the price is revealed. Papernow prices vary according to the different specifications of the paper such as the type of paper where more complex ones are slightly more expensive and vice versa. Other factors used include: The level of the paper in terms of education, higher levels such as Ph.D. papers are more expensive. The deadline provided, the number of pages and even the number of sources. This is fair and also very beneficial to students since it shows that each paper is given special attention. Their prices start from 20 dollars. This might seem steep, but considering the quality, they will provide, clients agree that the services provide value for money. Also, prices are reduced when clients use papers now coupon codes to get reductions on their costs. Overall, the pricing of this service is just right.

Promo Codes and Discounts for Services

Do you feel that the price is too high for you? A paper now discount code will be very beneficial to you then. As part of their promotions, there are also papernow promo codes that clients can make use of to get better deals

A papers now promo code is keyed in when placing the order, and after the generation of the price, the discount it possessed is used to slash off the price of the paper significantly.

Papers now discounts go as high as up to 20 % of the paper cost. They are very generous with discounts, and they give them during various events. For example, when a customer places their first order from their service, they recognize them by granting them a first-time purchase discount. Further along the way, the clients also receive holiday discounts during the recognized holiday season. Even more exciting, this service has introduced a referral discount policy as part of their promotion. This sees a client who has referred their service to their colleagues or friends get a discount on their paper and their friend’s paper. This is part of what makes papernow a good service. They understand that students do not usually have much money to spend on their services and therefore they provide ways to reduce this burden through these discounts and promotions.

The Bonus System and How it Works

Apart from the discounts they give there are also additional ways in which clients get to pay less for their papers. This is through bonuses. Here is our paper now review on their bonus policy.

Writing companies always aim at retaining clients as well as getting more. By providing good quality services, they retain some of their clients and encourage them to continue acquiring papers from them. Bonuses are also used as a way of rewarding customer loyalty. When you place an order, they create an account on your behalf and send the details to your email. Bonuses are loaded into this account. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn or accessed by clients, but they will be used to pay for the orders. Unlike discounts, bonuses are rewarded after a customer makes a subsequent order from the service. Their account is credited with a 5% bonus for every successive order. This bonus will then be used as part of the payment the next time a client makes their order. Rewards are great because they will even allow clients to purchase papers without any money. With enough bonus points, clients can place orders and have them paid for by the use of bonuses.

The Methods of Payment Used and their Convenience

Is papers now safe for payments? Yes, they are. Papernow only collaborates with the well-established and renowned methods of payments such as PayPal, Master card and Visa. This ensures that client transactions are protected and therefore their data remains safe. Papers Now provide security for client data by making use of HTTPS encryption. Since they do not store your information as a client, you remain safe from fraudsters.

Also, these payment methods protect clients from malicious services. A good example is whereby a client has placed their order from a writing company, and they have delivered the paper. On opening and reviewing the work the client realizes that it is of poor quality and wants a refund. Some of these sites will push clients to have revisions for the work even when the client’s mind is made up. After revision periods are over some even go further to charge clients for more revisions. Pay pal is known for protecting clients from these malicious sites by demanding refunds on their behalf. These great methods of payment also facilitate easy transactions and smooth dealings with a service. They are also fast and will save time for both parties.

Refunds and Guarantees Offered to Clients

According to paper now reviews, this service has one of the best refunds policies for their clients. They ensure that a client is protected. Sometimes refunds are the only option when the service fails to satisfy the expectations and needs of the clients. Some writing companies show hesitance when it comes to granting refunds. Instead, like we have mentioned before they will try and stall for as long as possible by trying to force clients to have revisions done for their papers. Sometimes these barbaric services even ignore clients and keep their money even though they provided poor service. Paper Now is very lenient with their refunds policy. Clients are granted refunds if the work delivered to them fails to satisfy the requirements provided.

Furthermore, they also allow refunds to clients in situations whereby the writer did not follow the instructions of the order and hence they produced poor quality work. Refunds are also granted by this service based on cancellations by the customer due to cancellations by instructors. Failure to download the papers delivered within certain periods will also result in the client getting their money back.

Place Your Order and Experience for Yourself

This papernow review intends to provide information about the service that clients need to determine whether it is the service for them. While we might believe that Paper Now is genuine, these are some customers who might still be in doubt. This papernow review is based on experience from the service. However, this does not mean that all will be content with our final judgment on the service. There will always be skeptics who need more information to go on. Therefore, we advise clients to place their orders. Place a test order and observe all the activities and the stages involved until the completion and delivery. Check their customer service, speak to their writers and make inquiries along the way to find clarity of every aspect of their service. Once your paper is delivered, review it and see whether they are worthy of your order. If they happen to make good on all their promises, then you have found your service. If they do not deliver on some of their guarantees, your experience might then be useful on the next papers now review to warn unsuspecting clients. So, place your order and see what you get.

Why Choose Paper Now Service for Your Paper?

This papernow review we have provided some of the many things that make the service right for students. Here is a quick reminder of these reasons:

  • They deliver work on time and will meet all deadlines.
  • Their writers compose quality papers.
  • They guarantee completely original and plagiarism free papers.
  • They have a great refunds policy that protects your interests as a client.
  • Discounts and promotions. Using a paper now coupon will get you better prices.
  • Customers transact safely with their service.
  • They offer free revisions and also allow changes on complete work.
  • Their order placement procedure is very straight forward.

To sum up, the company offers excellent services, and it is worth hiring them for your writing tasks.